Whole Health LLC

Connecting Mind and Body to achieve the best Outcomes

Whole Health, LLC is driven by health care’s Triple Aim of improved individual health care, improved population health and lowered health care costs and Whole Health, LLC’s Community Health Workers are highly motivated individuals trained to help others reach their health goals while connecting them with the best community resources and reducing costly and unnecessary ER visits in the process.

They engage with patients in health behavior change and connect them with medical, behavioral, and social services needed to improve quality health and wellness in the community. Community health workers facilitate patient access to these services through a variety of outreach activities including community education, informal mentoring and social support. Community health workers enhance communications with primary care physicians, serving as a vital link between patients and providers to ensure enduring collaborative partnerships.

Patients enrolled in the program are selected based on claims data from participating medical providers and Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP). Individuals who unnecessarily use emergency room repeatedly and/or have special needs are identified and introduced to the program. If they are willing to participate, a community health worker conducts wellness assessments, identifies health goals and, together with the patient, develops plans for achieving those goals.

Criteria to qualify for the program has recently changed and medical practices are now able to refer patients with known serious and persistent health needs.

Community Health Workers meet patients in the locations where they feel the most safe – whether that’s at home, a coffee shop or maybe even at the grocery store. The frequency and location of meetings is based on the patients’ individual needs, and Community Health Workers can assist in activities such as:

  • Accompanying patients to appointments for extra support
  • Obtaining medical supplies
  • Healthy grocery shopping within a budget
  • Finding affordable housing
  • Encouraging exercise routines
  • Assisting with paperwork
  • Connecting to additional resources
  • Transporting to appointments

Whole Health Service AreaThe Community Health Worker program is currently offered in Mesa, Montrose, Delta, Garfield, Eagle & Pitkin counties, and the following medical practices:

  • Mesa – Foresight Family Physicians; Primary Care Partners; St. Mary’s Residency; Juniper Family Practice; Western Valley; Karis; Marillac; RMHP Unattributed patients 
  • Montrose & Delta – Peak Professionals; River Valley (offices in Delta, Olathe, Montrose) 
  • Garfield, Eagle & Pitkin – Mountain Family Health Centers (Rifle, Basalt, Glenwood Springs); MidValley Family Practice; Roaring Fork Medical Practice

Amy C. Gallagher, Psy.D.
Vice President, Whole Health