July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

As the largest provider of mental health and addiction services on the western slope
we live out our mission daily and seek continual improvement in everything we do.


For many years now we have seen the challenges faced by those of us on the western slope and in rural and mountain towns, and we started to dream. We dreamt about saving more lives. We dreamt about alleviating suffering. We dreamt about expanding the world of Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital so that our friends, families and communities could get the help they need, when they need it.

Yes, we are dreamers. And we are doers too. So in addition to sharpening our skills and services as always, Fiscal Year 2018 saw us donning safety vests and hard hats to literally construct our dreams.

West Springs Hospital graphic

Building The Dream

Respond to pressing local need by designing, building and successfully fundraising for a world-class psychiatric hospital here on our beautiful but deadly western slope? No question, when it comes to improving mental health we embrace every challenge with motivation, inspiration and action.

With a daily average of 28 out of 32 beds occupied, West Springs Hospital operated at effectively full capacity every day of FY2018. Distressingly, every day this space limitation caused an average of 10 people to needlessly suffer until space for them became available.

A solution to the suffering – a new West Springs Hospital. One that:

Meets the growing local demand for psychiatric hospitalization

with Private Rooms, with Private Baths,

a dedicated Child & Adolescent Unit,

space for outdoor and indoor Recreation, or Meditation,

and everything needed to create and maintain a Comfortable, Safe, Healing environment conducive to rapid Stabilization and Recovery.

After a careful, collaborative and comprehensive design process that combined patient, staff and industry expertise, ground was broken for this new sanctuary in September 2017 and over the course of the next months up to 150 construction workers a day labored on-site to create the new 63,000 square foot world-class psychiatric hospital.

Construction lasted throughout FY2018 and the new West Springs Hospital started admitting patients December 2018.

Interactive Floorplan

Click the image to see photos of each space.
West Springs Hospital floor plan

Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives

The Campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital

A dream like the new West Springs Hospital cannot come true without funding, thus The Campaign for Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital. With a fundraising goal of $17,750,000 (representing over 50% of the total project cost), philanthropy efforts were in high gear throughout the year thanks to the leadership of Campaign Co-Chairs Brian Davidson, MD, Rod & Beth Slifer, and Bob Young, and the direction of VP, Philanthropy Roger Sheffield.

Deep and sincere gratitude for everyone who contributed to the campaign and helped build the dream in FY2018.

View our full Honor Roll of Donors,

We couldn’t do it without You

Thank you to these major Investors for their FY2018 Gifts:

Greg Poschman

The $2,000,000 Challenge Gift
matching dollar-for-dollar to meet our fundraising goal

Support for the new hospital reached new heights thanks to Pitkin County Commissioner & Emmy-Award winning videographer Greg Poschman and Roaring Fork Valley-based donors.

More about this generous matching gift.

As a result of Poschman’s efforts on behalf of Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives he was named the Association of Fundraising Professionals/Colorado Chapter 2018 Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year.

Anonymous Donor allows Hospital to Go Green

Thanks to a generous Eagle County donor who would prefer to remain anonymous, in FY2018 the new West Springs Hospital received the gift of a photovoltaic solar system which will generate approximately 1/8th of the hospital’s power for the next 30-50 years.

More about this environmentally sustainable gift.

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Impacting Individuals, Families & Communities

The need for mental health services continues to grow and yet again across our continuum of care we treated a record number of clients and patients (a 4% increase from last fiscal year and a 44% increase from 5 years ago). Although always requiring our innovation, more people seeking treatment is excellent news for all as we believe it shows that as stigma, slowly but surely decreases, accessiblity is increasing.

10 Counties

Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Mesa,
Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, Summit

9 Outpatient Locations

Aspen, Craig, Eagle, Glenwood Springs,
Granby, Grand Junction, Meeker,
Rangely, Steamboat Springs

Mind Springs Health Locations Map

Care Across the Continuum


Total Individuals Treated


Total Services

Inpatient – Outpatient – Crisis

Access to Care
New Clients Per Month

New clients across continuum

Outpatient Informatics FY2018

  • Walden

    Clients: 80

    Services: 676

    Service Hours: 640

  • Vail

    Clients: 1,037

    Services: 5,629

    Service Hours: 5,426

  • Steamboat Springs

    Clients: 1,270

    Services: 10,650

    Service Hours: 11,157

  • Rifle

    Clients: 882

    Services: 7,009

    Service Hours: 5,642

  • Rangely

    Clients: 207

    Services: 2,149

    Service Hours: 1,934

  • Oasis Clubhouse

    Clients: 281

    Services: 1141

    Service Hours: 924

  • Meeker

    Clients: 235

    Services: 1,651

    Service Hours: 1,770

  • Granby

    Clients: 728

    Services: 4,761

    Service Hours: 4,490

  • Glenwood Springs

    Clients: 1,649

    Services: 12,727

    Service Hours: 10,507

  • Grand Junction

    Clients: 6,755

    Services: 66,597

    Service Hours: 67,990

  • Fruita

    Clients: 22

    Services: 143

    Service Hours: 96

  • Frisco

    Clients: 1,627

    Services: 9,939

    Service Hours: 10,818

  • Eagle

    Clients: 1,081

    Services: 5,971

    Service Hours: 4,771

  • Craig

    Clients: 805

    Services: 7,264

    Service Hours: 6,203

  • Basalt

    Clients: 35

    Services: 191

    Service Hours: 129

  • Aspen

    Clients: 846

    Services: 7,419

    Service Hours: 7,836

Age of Clients

Outpatient Age Stats

Most Common Diagnosis

Outpatient Diagnosis stats

How Services Are Paid For

Outpatient Payer stats

Total Outpatient Clients

Elk graphic

Total Services

Fox graphic

Total Service Hours

MHS graphic

Inpatient Informatics FY2018


Unique Patients


Total Admissions

Age of Hospital Patients

Hospital Age stats

Most Common Diagnosis

Hospital Diagnosis stats

How Services Are Paid For

Hospital Payer stats

Average Monthly Admissions

Hospital Admissions stats

Average Length of Stay

Hospital LOS stats

Average Daily Census

Hospital Daily Census stats

Crisis Stabilization Unit Informatics FY2018

Average Monthly Admissions

Trans Admissions stats

Total FY18 Admissions

Trans Clients stats

Average Length of Stay

Trans LOS stats

Average Daily Census

Trans Daily Census stats

The Need for Crisis Services Has DOUBLED over the Last 5 Years

Age of Crisis Clients

Crisis Ages stats

Crisis Services Provided

Crisis Graph
Beehive graphic

Fiscal Year Financials

Revenue 2018 graph
2018 Expenses

Governance & Leadership

Bird on Limb graphic

The Mind Springs Health Board of Directors and the West Springs Hospital Board of Directors are comprised of a core group of seven directors who serve on both Boards, with four additional directors per board. This past fiscal year welcomed 4 new members to the Boards; for the core team, John Runne; for Mind Springs Health, Doug Pattison & Mark Scheel; for West Springs Hospital, Stacey Gavrell.

Our leadership team is comprised of individuals from our outpatient practices, inpatient psychiatric hospital, crisis services, corporate departments and Whole Health LLC.

Our Boards of Directors

Corporate Leadership

Similar to our Board structure, a core team provides services and supports across Mind Springs Health, West Springs Hospital and our community health care worker-focused subsidiary Whole Health LLC. Individually there are also organization-specific leaders. Together we inspired, challenged and motivated each other to the fiscal year outcomes seen within this report.

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