Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives

Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives is the campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

The Campaign for Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital

We must reduce the suffering. That’s the purpose behind our first-ever $17,750,000 capital campaign, one of the largest behavioral health philanthropic initiatives west of the Mississippi – Building Sanctuary | Rebuilding Lives, the Campaign for Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

Every day here on the western slope, children, adolescents and adults of all ages distressingly wait needlessly before they are able to receive the life-saving psychiatric care they so desperately need. The new West Springs Hospital is designed to meet those immediate needs and with construction currently underway, securing the final funds to complete this project is critical.

Thanks to the generosity of Roaring Fork and Vail Valley donors, the Alpenglow Foundation and some who wish to remain anonymous, a dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000,000 matching challenge gift to raise the final dollars of the fundraising goal has been announced.

WE ARE SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE! Please consider a year-end gift to help us complete the hospital. Your gift of saving lives now will be doubled. Please make your gift today. Thank you!

Return on Investment = Saving Lives

Mental health is the foundation healthy individuals, families and communities rest upon. When you invest now in your fellow Coloradans and community by giving a gift of financial support to Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital, you will literally

  • Change the trajectory of a person’s life

  • Build the most forward-thinking psychiatric hospital in the country

  • Transform mental health care in rural & resort-area Colorado