August 2022 Springs Staff Scoop

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John Sheehan, CEO

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A few words from CEO John Sheehan  . . .

John has been with us for 30 days now, and is making his rounds to all of the offices in the next few months to meet our staff.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know John quite yet, here are a few fun tidbits until you meet him:

Q. What are you looking forward to the most about your first winter in Colorado?

Skiing!  And learning to snowboard!

Q.  What do you like best so far about your first 30 days living in Grand Junction?

I love downtown Grand Junction and it’s quaintness, with great restaurants, shops, etc.  I love the small town feel of Grand Junction and the vibe, as well as the community. The community really cares about people and what is happening here.  I also love all of the great team members I’ve met so far.

Q. Are you a cat guy or a dog guy?

Both!  I’ve always loved dogs, but developed a fondness for cats later in life.  Now, I’d say I like them both equally – but unfortunately, I don’t have any pets right now.

Q. Pizza style – NY, Chicago, Detroit, or thin crust?

Right now, I’m enjoying the gluten free pizza at Pablo’s in Downtown Grand Junction.  It’s good pizza!

Q. What is your number one goal to accomplish during the first 90 days on the job?

My number one priority is to make this team feel supported.  You’ve been a bit battered in the past year, and I need to ensure that everyone understands the work they’re doing is valued and that they have the resources they need to do their jobs well.

ABCD Blue Box

Congratulations to FY2021-22 4th Quarter Above & Beyond and Customer Service Superstar Winners! Read their nominations below . . .

Harmony French

Revenue Cycle Support Analyst

Harmony is always the “go-to gal” for all the revenue cycle needs. She is full of knowledge and is always willing to share the wealth and support our team as a top team player. The door is always open when we have questions or if the system seems to be broken; she jumps right in and helps fix our need over and above the expectations.  She has the willingness to strive to try new things and make our department as smooth running as possible. When something is needing to be finished on a deadline, she is the first to jump in and say “I can do it.” Harmony is a great leader. Without her, the revenue cycle team is not the same.

Shannon Broad

Case Manager

Shannon Broad works as an inpatient Case Manager for West Springs Hospital. Shannon is so much more than a Case Manager; she is a jack of all trades in the hospital and is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients as well as her coworkers. Shannon helps with Case Management, facilitates groups’ work (as an mental health worker), as well as teaches CPI.  Shannon always comes from a place of “yes!” Any hospital function or celebration, Shannon always graciously volunteers her time and resources.  Shannon always supports spirit days and always has candy on her desk available for staff/friends. She is always willing to step in and cover shifts when needed.

Jenna Green

Peer Support Professional

Jenna came into her position with only personal life experience and no educational background on addiction. Jenna has grown exponentially, ten-fold, and has become not only a team-player, but a great asset to the clients. Jenna continues to work on her continued education in the addiction field, while becoming more and more trauma informed daily. The team can always count on Jenna to do her job and do it well.

Chris Weaver

Technical Support Specialist – IT

Chris Weaver stands out in the IT Department as a conscientious and thoughtful employee.  Whenever you call on him or he is assigned to a work ticket, he is very thorough, professional, and logical.  He thinks ahead of what hurdles you might have down the road during/after the problem he is working on is resolved.  He provides you with the necessary tools to be able to be successful once the problem is fixed and gives you tips and advice to help alleviate future disruptions and/or frustrations.  He is very easy to talk to and welcomes those “stupid questions” – LOL.  For example, once he had to do a reset on my computer.  He thought ahead of what it might feel like once my computer was reset, so far as the restart and bookmarks.  He went out of his way to save my current bookmarks prior to wiping the computer for the reset and once the reset was completed, he restored all of them without being asked.  He is always courteous, friendly, efficient, and swift.

Pride Banner

Colorado West Pride Parade – Sunday, September 11

Join your Mind Springs Health colleagues at the 2022 Colorado Pride Parade on Sunday, September 11 at 12 Noon!  Come support your LGBTQ+ colleagues and community by marching in the parade behind our pride banner (to the left!).  If you’d like to join us – please email Stephanie Keister and she’ll provide you with details for the day of the event.

Mind Springs Health 50th Anniversary logo

July and August PTO Winners

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mind Springs Health, one employee per month will be picked (via a random drawing) to receive a paid day off (to be used within 8 weeks of the date it’s awarded).  Our July and August winners of PTO Days are Savannah Gonzales, Case Manager in Grand Junction and Jen Hood, Office Coordinator in Meeker.  Congratulations!

September 50 Weeks of Fun

Pet Photo Day

Thanks to all who submitted images for Pet Photo Day on Monday, July 11!

Pedal for Prevention

Pedal for Prevention – Register NOW!

Pedal for Prevention is just a little over three weeks away! We hope you’ll join the Mind Springs Foundation in spreading awareness of suicide prevention.  Simply register with a $25 donation and you’ll receive the Pedal for Prevention shirt prior to the event weekend of September 24-25.  This year’s shirt is a beautiful Carolina Blue – and moisture wicking!

On the weekend of Pedal for Prevention, go do your favorite activity – biking, hiking, running, whatever it may be! – and wear your shirt.  Take pictures for social media and help spread the word on why it’s important to talk about suicide – and providing those who are struggling with resources for help, like the Colorado Crisis line.

You can register HERE.

National Sons and Daughters Day – August 11

We have pretty amazing employees . . . makes sense they’d have some pretty awesome kids!

Family photo

“My children are all amazing in their very own way but each of them are a true definition of having a heart of gold. Their willingness to help out anyone that is in need amazes me every time. I am truly bless to have such a great team of kids. They inspire me each day to be and do my best.  Abraham, Nickyiah, Amber(me), Carlos. Zebadiah , Isabell (also an employee of Mind Springs).”

Amber Sawyer

Mother and daughter

“This is my daughter Sophia. She is almost 11 years old. Sophia is a prime example of what love and acceptance looks like. She has a heart of gold and loves kids and all types of animals. She is very helpful and brightens up every room she enters. She refers to herself as a city cowgirl because she loves to shop and get her nails done, but she also loves to ride horses and play in the dirt.  I am truly blessed to be her mom, and I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing daughter.”

Frances Burch

Small child sitting in chair smiling

“Simply put, he is amazing because he is always so happy and easy going. He has so much personality and loves his fur siblings very much. He is also a great MSH mascot! (He had some MSH attire when he was smaller).

Melissa Riggins

Makeup artist

“A picture of my daughter, Natasha!  She is a great makeup artist!”

Patty Zucco

Damien Wingerter

“I would like to give a shout out to my Son Damien Wingerter! I came into his life when he was just 3 years of age. His mother struggles with SUD and mental  health diagnosis and by the time I came into his life she had been in and out of jail and Damien was in and out of CPS services. Damien witnessed substance use, domestic violence, emotional/verbal abuse from mother, was on and off  homeless, and was the caretaker for younger siblings part of his early childhood. Once my husband and I got full custody he was 2 grades behind in school, had physical health issues, and struggle with his role as the child not the parent. Damien loves sports, taught himself to play piano, guitar, and now drums. Damien is now 19 has graduated high school, works full time at City Market, is in a band called “C9dmium” (Cadmium is a metal) that got to play at the graduation, and stays connected with his younger siblings!!  He is beyond amazing; he is resilient, kind hearted, self-motivated, a fighter, and not willing to let his past define him.”

Elizabeth Wingerter

Cultural Engagement Team logo

Join the Cultural Engagement Team!

Are you interested in helping our organization become more diverse and knowledgeable about equality and equity within our communities?

Please join the next CET meeting at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 28

OR  . . .

Are you interested in sharing an experience or something you have learned?

Write a DEI piece for the Springs Staff Scoop!

 If you have any questions about the CET, please outreach Norma Roberts.  

Leading the way in DEI in Rural America.   Could Mind Springs Health become a leader in creating greater diversity and inclusion in our communities?

By Tom Gangel, Operations Manager

I am going to start by telling a story about grocery shopping in Steamboat Springs.   You might ask, “what does this have to do with creating greater DEI at Mind Springs Health and in our communities at large.” Good Question.  Let me attempt to explain.

When shopping at City Market in Steamboat Springs, you will often see several African or African American employees.  At least relatively speaking, the percentage of black employees at City Market is much greater than anywhere else in town.   Why is that?

For several years, City Market had a manager that decided it was her duty to help integrate the employees at this store.  She actually started this adventure in the in City Market in Frisco prior to coming to Steamboat Springs.  She systematically went about recruiting people of color to jobs in these communities.  Prior to 2017, utilizing the H-2b visas (these type of visas were dramatically cut in 2017) to recruit new staff.  More effectively, she mined the data on people being allowed into the United States due to political or other forms of asylum.  This led her to finding not just hard working, but a very grateful workforce.   Over the years, many of the employees have been torture survivors from Mauritania.  Most of which spoke French as their most comfortable language, causing places like Mind Springs Health to find ways to make sure our services were welcoming and friendly to these new cultures.   This manager is no longer with City Market in Steamboat, but I am sure she is fulfilling her mission somewhere else.  But her legacy lives on.  There remain several employees at City Market, and the neighboring Walmart store, who arrived here due to her efforts and their bravery.

This story always reminds that even in our rural areas, a focused effort on creating greater Diversity, Equity, and/or Inclusion can work even in our 90% white communities.   I want to be clear that this focus does not need to be just on race.  I am convinced if we, or some coalition of our partners and communities, focused on a specific area of inclusion, we could have a curve bending effect.  This could be the LGBTQ+, Native American, different faiths, persons of color, or any other under-represented group.

A clear goal to find, recruit, and make welcome a chosen population to work, love, and play in our beautiful rural and resort communities could have a lasting positive impact on our communities and the richness they all have to offer.

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