Springs Staff Scoop - May 2021

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Employee Spotlight: Donna Rutz

On Wednesday, April 21, West Springs Hospital Ward Clerk Donna Rutz was working in reception when she answered a call from a former patient who told her he was going to kill himself.  Donna assumed a calm, reassuring voice and kept the caller on the line until she was able to summon a Crisis Counselor to reception.  She continued reassuring the caller and introduced the Counselor to the caller, obtaining his commitment to remain on the line to talk with her, before handing the phone off.

Once the Counselor established a dialog with the caller, Donna looked up his information in Avatar to obtain his address and called law enforcement to request they respond to his residence to help the caller make it through his crisis.  Ultimately, the caller was assessed and assisted and released to his home without further incident.

Donna’s great awareness, quick thinking, and calm under a very stressful situation truly saved a life that day.  To recognize and thank her for her quick thinking and textbook response, the Hospital leadership team presented Donna with a small token of appreciation in honor of her save; she is a perfect example of the West Springs Hospital value of our workforce’s compassion and dedication to the fulfillment of our mission.  Thank you, Donna, for being you!

Donna Rutz

Join the Cultural Engagement Team!

Are you interested in helping our organization become more diverse and knowledgeable about equality and equity within our communities?  Are you simply curious about CET and would like to learn more?

Please join the next CET meeting:

Monday, June 21 – 1 to 2 p.m.

The Cultural Engagement Team meets every third Monday of the month.  If you’d like to join us, please email Elizabeth Fromang and asked to be included on the Outlook Calendar invite.

Why put pronouns in your signature?

By Audrey Kiser, Director of Data Analytics

I recently came across an article that completely changed my perspective on why we would display pronouns in our signature.  For our transgender and non-binary colleagues, displaying this information is an easy way to share which pronouns they’d like others to use when addressing them.  That’s the simple, clear reason for displaying pronouns.  However, adding pronouns to your signature/bio also helps normalize discussions about gender and it can create a safe and inclusive environment at Mind Springs Health.  Showing support for trans, non-binary, and intersex colleagues can help foster an atmosphere of inclusion, where everyone feels valued.

Ready to share your pronouns? Here are some simple steps!

Outlook Signature
Click the File tab at the very top, left side of your Inbox.
In the blue section to the left, click Options.
In the option column on the left, second from the top, click Mail
Third down, click Signatures.
In the signature body, add your pronouns underneath your title.

Login to your Zoom account.
Click Profile (in the column all the way to the left), then select Edit (to the far right of your name)
To add pronouns, simply add them to the end of your last name

Submissions logo

Thank you to Audrey Kiser for her contribution to the Cultural Engagement Team’s section in the Springs Staff Scoop!

Do you have a comment, story, or idea to share about diversity, equity, and inclusion? If so, we’d like to hear from you!  We are encouraging everyone to ask important questions, to share thoughtful experiences, and to engage in meaningful conversation to help us all be better informed and educated.  Click here to provide your submission.

Megan and Sharon

Lunch with the CEO!

Megan Nevarro recently used her ELoops Funominal Funds to enjoy lunch with Sharon Raggio.

Megan enjoyed connecting with Sharon and feels blessed to have such a strong mentor to share thoughts and ideas with.

You, too, can use your Funominal Funds for lunch with Sharon – sign up for ELoops if you haven’t already!  To sign up for ELoops:

  1. Download ELoops from the App Store and launch it.
  2. Open the app and enter your invitation code: Mindsprings
  3. Enter your work email address.
  4. Complete your full name and password – password must contain 8 characters.
  5. You’re In!
Benefits Open Enrollment logo

Open Enrollment ends on May 28!  There is one more Zoom meeting available to help guide you through the process and answer questions.  Here is the link to the Zoom Meeting. Meeting ID: 928 897 1617, Passcode: 49262

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There are a number of addiction counseling training opportunities this summer and fall!  Click here for the details and contact Miranda Botts with your questions!

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Free training for West Springs Hospital and Mind Springs Health staff, June 17.  Learn this collaborative, guiding method that is person-centered, to elicit and strengthen motivation to change.  Click here for details.

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