What to Expect at West Springs Hospital

Upon admission, each patient is thoroughly evaluated and re-assessed daily with his or her personalized treatment team to determine progress toward discharge goals. A patient’s individual needs & circumstances determine the length of their stay.

Psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, mental health workers, social workers and case workers come together as a personalized treatment team to assist our patients and their support systems in a variety of areas including family dynamics, social and medication issues, and discharge and post-discharge planning.

Individuals may participate in various support groups, based on their diagnosis, level of functioning and specific treatment needs as identified by the treatment team.

What to Expect

Treatment Programs at West Springs Hospital

Our treatment programs include an intensive range of modalities including medication management, medication education, individual therapy, family therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation education and case management services. While many people who have a psychiatric disorder may also have a substance abuse disorder, we are not a substance abuse treatment hospital. We do provide education and referrals for specific substance abuse concerns.

Sample Schedules for West Springs Hospital