In Northwest Colorado, substance use disorder among youth continues to be rampant and a tremendous concern within rural communities in our region. With the help of opioid settlement funding from the Colorado Opioid Abatement Council and the Regional Opioid Abatement Council, Mind Springs Health has been awarded a grant to provide a Contingency Management Program (CMP) for youth (ages 13-17 years old) living in in Grand, Routt, Moffat or Rio Blanco counties.

We believe that substance use disorder clients will be incentivized to remain in our treatment program and to follow through with treatment protocols so they can eventually become sober and maintain their sobriety for a lifetime.

Through this program, we hope to reduce:

· Overall substance use in our local communities

· Number of days of substance are used by those who are

being treated for a substance use disorder (SUD).

· Substance cravings for SUD clients.

· HIV, and other, risky behaviors.

Admission Criteria:

Open enrollment is available for all clients, ages 13 to 17, with a substance use disorder. Clients must reside in Grand, Routt, Moffat or Rio Blanco counties, and have Medicaid. Clients will sign a client agreement stating that they understand the expectations of the CMP, as a condition of being accepted into the program.

Program Duration:

The program runs for 20 weeks with regular group therapy and urine drug screenings (UDS). Clients will be required to attend two, two-hour contingency management substance-specific groups per week, as well as completing one UDS per week. Mind Springs Health will utilize the Evidence Based MATRIX Curriculum. Contingency Management Incentives: Max rewards: $100/mo. or $25/week; up to $500 for a 5-month program

Rewards Allocation:

70% for each negative UDS, 30% for group therapy appointment attendance, and a reward for UDS taken per week. If clients attend both group therapy appointments each week, they are awarded $7.50. Each negative UDS award is $17.50.

To enroll or for more information:

Contact Mind Springs Health

Franny Beacom, LAC 970-824-6541 extension 4016
Samuel Bankert, Case Manager 970-216-1212

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