Referring to West Springs Hospital
or Mind Springs Health Outpatient Services

For West Springs Hospital

You can refer through the hospital main number: 1.970.263.4918
You may also call the Assessment & Admissions Team: 970.201.4299


For Mind Springs Health outpatient services

We appreciate the referrals you send to us and are improving ease-of-referral processes.

Mind Springs Health offers a centralized referral process to our Primary Care partners.

If you would prefer to use your own referral form, that works for us as well. Please email to or fax to 970.683.7235. Once your referral is received we will outreach the patient via phone or letter, and set an appointment for that individual to come in and be seen. We will then notify you as to the disposition of that referral, (patient attended appointment, did not come to the appointment or we were not able to reach the patient).

If you or your teams have questions or concerns please let us know by emailing the referral email and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your continued partnership!


for West Springs Hospital

Please contact our 24/7 Expedited Admissions at 1.970.201.4299 or
You can also refer through the hospital main number 1.970.263.4918

For Mind Springs Health outpatient services

Please use the location-specific referral forms on each office’s home page.

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