Supported Employment Services

Providing Opportunities for Employees and Employers

Supported Employment is a unique opportunity for employers to hire a pre-screened, motivated employee with ongoing mentorship and support, at no cost. For Supported Employment employees, a job provides an especially meaningful role in individual self-sufficiency and the power of community partnerships.

Supported Employment is designed to assist people with mental illness find and keep meaningful, competitive jobs in the community. Businesses that hire Supported Employment employees understand the value of their involvement in community-supportive programs.

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Employer Partnership Benefits

  • A No-Cost Job Solution: Our quality placement services & supports are provided at no charge to employers.
  • Pre-Screened Applicants: Our Employment Specialists take the time to understand the specific needs of your company, matching your staff requirements with candidate skill sets to ensure the best fit for your organization.
  • Quality Employees: Our dedicated, motivated and reliable candidates equal increased productivity and less turnover for employers.
  • Employment Specialist Support: Both you and your employee are provided support throughout employment, from search to hire, maintenance and transition (such as promotion or transfer).

Getting Involved

Employers interested in a Supported Employment Services partnership can contact our Employment Support Specialists at 970.683.7180.

Those seeking employment that have interest in our program should seek direction from the Oasis Clubhouse where we offer Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.

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