Thought Leadership & Trainings

Our dedication to excellence has become recognized across the industry and we are pleased to share our expertise with those interested in learning more about creating healthy communities and health care organizations.

These are some of the behavioral health topics our subject experts can present to your business, group or community. For more information, or to arrange consultations and training programs please contact:

Additional Topics

Achieving Effective
Same Day Access

Michelle Hoy, LPC, CAS
Mind Springs Health Executive Vice President

How Motivational Interviewing
Can Help your Practice

Amy Gallagher, Psy.D.,
Whole Health Vice President

Study about a Mind Springs Health Partnership – written by Health Management Associates

Mission Centric Management

How Motivational Interviewing Can Help your Practice

Accomplishing Same Day Access

Implementing Electronic Health Records

A Fiscally Strong Mental Health Organization

Introducing & Implementing Trauma-Informed Care

The Many Positives of Positive Psychology

Managing Aggressive Employees

Developing a Peer Services Program

Impacting Overall Health Behaviors

Front Office Management in Behavioral Health

Effective Feedback For Disruptive Employees

Working With At-Risk Youth

Building Community Partnerships

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