Partnerships & Collaborations

We don’t do this alone.

At Mind Springs Health, partnerships and alliances drive our success in meeting our mission of rebuilding lives and inspiring hope by providing exceptional mental health and addiction recovery care, thereby strengthening the health and vitality of our communities. Working together with organizations, businesses and individuals we integrate into our communities, creating the most good.

In each of our 10 counties we align closely with

  • Physical & Mental Health Care Providers, Practices & Organizations,
  • K-12 Schools & Higher Education Institutions
  • Children, Youth & Family Organizations
  • Senior Groups & Living
  • Local Business & Community Organizations
  • Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
  • Governmental & Regulatory Agencies

Thank you to all of our partners for helping us care for our communities. If you have ideas that could benefit the behavioral health of our local communities and would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you.

Mind Springs Health also seeks to change the system of supporting community mental health and actively participates in local, regional, state and national governments to influence pro-consumer access and policies.

Collaborative Partners

West Springs Hospital

Privately-owned, not-for-profit West Springs Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital on Colorado’s western slope and a proud sister organization to Mind Springs Health.  The new, up-to-64 bed hospital opened in 2018 as a state-of-the-art facility providing a safe, restorative environment with a caring and compassionate staff dedicated towards stabilizing each patient and providing treatment to enable them to return home as soon as possible.  The average stay at West Springs Hospital is 6 days.  After discharge, patients are scheduled with follow-up outpatient services at Mind Springs Health.

Colorado Crisis Services

Mind Springs Health is a proud partner of  Colorado Crisis Services.  If you or someone you are concerned about is experiencing a mental health crisis, call Colorado Crisis Services’ 24/7/365 Hotline 1.844.493.TALK ( or text TALK to 38255) and you’ll be connected to immediate support and mobile crisis response & respite services if needed.

Health Information Exchange

Quality Health Network logo

Seamless communication and access to patient information among health care providers, both physical and mental, is is an imperative step to receiving the best care possible. That’s why we partnered with Quality Health Network to establish the first-ever-in-Colorado whole Health Information Exchange program.

The instantaneous feedback means physicians and clinicians do not have to wait days for records to be securely transmitted. A fully secured system, health care providers across all disciplines can access the record the moment they need it.

HIPAA requirements are different for physical health care and behavioral health care and in the past sharing information between physical health care doctors and mental health care doctors was difficult. Together with QHN we developed a HIPAA-compliant program to increase communication and eliminates waste, resulting in greater collaboration among health care providers and ensuring clients receive the very best care. Learn more about how the Health Information Exchange program is transforming care in our local communities.

Integrated Care

We believe true wellness means both a healthy body and a healthy mind and we understand convenience is important in health care. That’s why we collaborate with physical health care hospitals, schools, social service programs, nursing homes and other organizations to make it easy and convenient to access treatment. Learn more about our Integrated Care Approach and how we’re shaping mental health care in our local communities.

West Slope Casa

West Slope Casa has a long history of improving the lives of those affected by alcohol and drug abuse in western Colorado, especially vulnerable populations like pregnant women, women with dependent children and/or intravenous drug users. It also manages Colorado Crisis Services for the western slope in concert with the Center for Mental Health and Axis Health System. Learn about the complete services West Slope Casa provides and how the impact we make extends beyond those in crisis.

Progressive Health Options

As a member of Progressive Health Options, Mind Springs Health and other agencies offer a network of behavioral health providers and specialists to insurance companies, employers and integrated health systems seeking to help members and their families achieve physical and emotional wellness across the state of Colorado.

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