Western Slope Crisis Services

You’re not alone. With our 24/7 crisis services, help is on its way.

A moment of crisis can occur at any time of the day or night, so that’s why we offer crisis services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Mind Springs Health is a part of the Colorado Crisis Services network, offering an additional layer of local support within the areas we serve. Use the resources below to find the type of emergency mental health or substance abuse help you need for immediate assistance and ongoing care.

Our Crisis Services

On the other end of these phone lines are compassionate people ready to offer help immediately. Call the hotline in an emergency mental health or substance abuse situation, or simply call the hotline to find out more about the other crisis services we offer including warm line support, mobile crisis response, walk-in treatment, and peer respite services.

If you are within an area that Mind Springs Health serves, call the local hotline number. If you are outside of the local area, call the statewide hotline, and you will be directed toward services in your location.

When you call a hotline, maybe you’re just hoping to talk through your concerns with someone who cares, and you’ll find that support with what we call the warm line. A warm line is essentially a lifeline in the form of a phone conversation that will allow you to speak with a trained clinician who can help you determine your immediate needs and options for ongoing assistance.

When dealing with a tough time requires more than a phone conversation, our mobile response team can help by meeting you in person. Sitting down and speaking face-to-face with a trained professional in a moment of great need can be a source of comfort and support. Call the crisis hotline to initiate our mobile response team when you know that you need to meet with someone in person, and ask for a mobile response in any of the areas we serve.

Located on the Mind Springs Health campus in Grand Junction, Transitions at West Springs is a 24/7 crisis stabilization unit where people of all ages are accepted. Compassionate professionals including psychiatrists, psychiatric and family nurse practitioners, nurses, peers, and mental health workers are prepared to help those in crisis by offering psychiatric evaluation, identifying medication needs, and initiating an immediate response. Transitions at West Springs is part of the Colorado Crisis Services network and offers a safe, stabilizing environment for up to five days.

Relationships with peers can help avert crisis by giving you an additional layer of support. Our trained peer respite workers have experienced moments of crisis, too, and from them they’ve gained the experience and skills they now use to help others. Peer respite workers meet with you to help address your most pressing needs at a location where you feel safe, whether that’s at your favorite coffee shop or in your home.

Peer respite services are available in Colorado’s Routt, Garfield, Eagle, Pitkin, and Mesa counties. If you’re already a Mind Springs Health client, your therapist, case manager, or a peer can refer you to a peer respite worker, and you can even ask for a referral. If you are not a Mind Springs Health client, an in-person meeting with a crisis clinician is necessary for a referral.

Reach out to build relationships with trained peers who understand, and you’ll find strength in having additional support when you need it the most.