What to Do in a Psychiatric Emergency

You are not alone, help and safety are available immediately at West Springs Hospital,
a specialized psychiatric healing environment.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a psychiatric emergency,

Crisis can take many forms for many different people and Colorado Crisis Services
offers a few ways to get support when you need it.

Call 844.493.TALK (8255),

TextTALK to 38255

You’ll immediately be connect with a trained counselor, ready to talk with you about anything. Relationship problems, family crisis, anxiety, bullying, stress, addiction and disability are common calls.

Chat online with a trained counselor, available from 4p-Midnight daily at ColoradoCrisisServices.org

When you call a hotline, maybe you’re just hoping to talk through your concerns with someone who cares, and you’ll find that support with what we call the warm line. A warm line is essentially a lifeline in the form of a phone conversation that will allow you to speak with a trained clinician who can help you determine your immediate needs and options for ongoing assistance.