Integrated Care at Mind Springs Health

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = True Wellness

Those with a mental illness or a substance addiction are at an increased risk of early death, mostly from treatable and preventable chronic mental illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity or hypertension; all of which are aggravated by poor health habits.

Integrated Care is focused on the coordination of general and behavioral health care, so that those with mental illness or a substance addiction can manage their mental health as well as their physical health. This approach aims to combat early death by preventable and treatable diseases, so that individuals with mental illness or substance addiction can focus on living a long, fruitful life.

Imagine a doctor’s office visit where your ailments are assessed and you are given both physical and mental health objectives. This is an approach with you at the center. Integrated care looks at all possible causes of poor health and provides a viewpoint much more capable of diagnosing and solving a problem.

Community Integration

The best way to make Integrated Care a reality is to coordinate with our local community and establish relationships in areas of business related to both general and behavioral health care. That’s why we’ve developed partnerships with the following types of businesses throughout the Western Slope of Colorado:

  • Medical Offices & Practices
  • Medical Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Social Services Programs
  • Law Enforcement & Court Systems

The Future of Integrated Care

As we focus on providing the best comprehensive approach to health care, Integrated Care seems inevitable. Mind Springs Health has a special commitment to continue educating our community and creating partnerships with Integrated Care in mind.

Community Partnerships

Mind Springs Health provides several resources for those struggling with a mental illness or substance addiction beyond Integrated Care. We believe local community has a profound opportunity to support those with mental illness and help them thrive. Check out our complete guide of community partnerships to see how we’re working to impact our local community.

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