Health Information Exchange

Advancing Collaboration between Providers

The Health Information Exchange Program allows Primary Care Physicians and Specialists to access records electronically and instantly. That way all of your health care providers are on the same page. They know which medications and techniques have been tried and they have a much better idea of which direction to move forward in.

A First-Ever-in-Colorado

Seamless access to patient information among providers is an imperative step to providing patients with advanced integrative care. That’s why we worked with the Quality Health Network to establish the first-ever-in-Colorado whole Health Information Exchange Program. This program eliminates waste, results in more collaboration among health care providers and helps to ensure that patients receive the very best care.

Making Every Second Count

The instantaneous feedback means physicians and clinicians do not have to wait days for records to be securely transmitted. A fully secured system, health care providers across all disciplines can access the record the moment they need it. This means more collaboration and less waiting time for providers and better care for patients.

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