Our Philosophy

At Mind Springs Health & West Springs Hospital, we believe mental health treatment and addiction recovery care are an integral part of every thriving community.Illustration of Eagle Flying

A Vital Mission

We rebuild lives and inspire hope by providing exceptional mental health and addiction recovery care, strengthening the health and vitality of our communities. It’s a vital mission, especially since the western slope and mountain towns of Colorado see above average suicide and addiction rates.

We support our mission through the implementation of treatment teams, consisting of multiple professionals dedicated to client success.

An Inspired Vision

We envision health and wellness in our communities. It’s a simple vision, but creating it takes a lot of hard work and a very inspired team. Every time we provide care for someone, our inspiration to change lives and transform our community is renewed. We are inspired to spread the word that mental health care and addiction recovery treatment are available, and that no one is alone in their struggles.

Unshakable Values

  • Strength Created through Local Partnerships, with Collaboration and Education
  • Integrity and Accountability in all we do
  • Outcomes-Driven
  • Responsible Financial Stewardship
  • Leadership in Physical and Behavioral Health Care
  • A Culture of Trauma-Informed Care
  • A Focus on Exceptional Customer Service
  • Our Workforce, for its Compassion and Dedication to the Fulfillment of our Mission
  • The Delivery of Services and Operations that Promote Social Equity across all Stakeholders