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As we celebrate Mental Health Month in May, it’s a great time to explore our inner resiliency and strength.  While navigating through the day, it’s helpful to reflect on the core strengths below and find ways to incorporate them into our daily activities.

We encourage you to use the messaging below to not only help your personal wellness, but to share with someone you care about it!


Embark on a learning adventure and explore a new skill, expand your brain, or gain knowledge.

Consider a decision you need to make: what are the outcomes that could happen? Pick the choice that may help you receive positive results. Try again, if the result wasn’t what you expected.

Explore your creative side with crafts, writing, digital media, performance, or thinking!


Act as a leader in your family, school, neighborhood, or workplace. Organize a fun group activity and get to know others better.

Help out by volunteering to assist with a chore, project,or event. Donate something to a cause important to you.

Identify areas where you may need to be more open-minded and take steps toward understanding.


Think of something you want to accomplish. Break it down into small steps. Start working toward your goal and celebrate achievements!

Find your flow! This is an activity that you are so engaged in that also has a healthy challenge. Time will just fly by!

Share a time when you acted in a brave way. Encourage others to try or say something positive that they may be nervous about.


Forgiveness does not condone an action.  Journal about forgiving someone for a wrong doing.

Practice a breathing exercise or a visualization in order to help yourself relax.

Identify ways to help stay calm when feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.
Try talking it out,  exercising,
walking away, or exploring nature.


Practice gratitude through journaling, telling others why you are thankful for them, or stating gratitude during a meal or meeting.

Remind yourself about a door that opened after a different door closed to develop optimism.

bringing smiles to others. Use humor to spread joy and laughter through jokes, silly stories, or funny videos.


Practice a random act of kindness! Receivers and doers of kindness both get a happiness boost! Kindness doesn’t have to be costly.

Engage your listening skills! Actively listen to someone who needs to talk. Be there for them without interrupting or giving advice.

Understand your own feelings. When do you feel happy? Sad? Angry? Joy? Engage in activities that bring positivity.

Multiply Your Happy is a fun game designed by Amy Gallagher, Psy.D. to build resilience in all members of your family, no matter what age. Play it daily to grow and replenish your personal power!

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