The Benefits of Working Together

Results Speak for Themselves

Just ask the 16,000+ people of all ages that received treatment with us last year. Nearly 75% of outpatients reported a reduction in severity of their illness. Less than 4% of West Springs Hospital’s patients needed readmission within 30 days (national average hovers around 20%).

Ask the providers who are now using the first-ever-in-Colorado whole Health Information Exchange program launched in partnership with Quality Health Network.

And, ask yourself to make mental health a priority in your family today.

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Advanced Practices

We are a high-performing team of professionals, providing thought leadership in the behavioral health field. We constantly search for and implement the most recent Evidence-Based Practices when treating our clients, meaning all our treatment methods are proven to be effective. We tailor each mental health care plan to the individual’s illness or disorder, their background and their preferences. We are committed to objectively reviewing our practices to ensure we provide our clients with the latest techniques in therapeutic excellence. You or your loved one are in good hands when you choose Mind Springs Health and West Springs Hospital.

Comprehensive Care

Whether you connect with outpatient services from Mind Springs Health, or inpatient services at West Springs Hospital, you have the confidence of knowing a personalized treatment team is available to you and/or your loved one. Driven by a patient-centric, integrative and trauma-informed philosophy, services and treatment are coordinated within innovative, personal treatment teams that ensure wrap-around care. Teams consist of experts such as psychiatrists, advanced practice psychiatric nurses, PAs, RNs, clinicians, therapists, case managers, medical case managers and our very important peers. Compassionate collaboration informs our treatment philosophy.

Transforming Health Care on the Western Slope

From an outpatient therapy standpoint, Mind Spring Health’s new ‘Phase-based’ treatment program has proved to have superior outcomes, earning it the Colorado Behavioral Health Council’s 2018 Light Bulb Award for clinical innovation and 2019 The Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Care. By treating the different ‘phases’ of a mental illness, more people seem to recover more quickly and as a result, our staff is more satisfied with their impact. The best kind of win-win!

Beyond the accolades our organization and people have earned behavioral health care on the western slope is being transformed by the new West Springs Hospital. Never before have locals been able to access world-class restorative services in a world-class healing environment. Come by for a tour!

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